It may not be as it appears...

Jan 09

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

There are days when I feel like a little kid, and this is one of those days! Omg, we have a snow dayyyyyy tomorrow!!! :) Thank god too, because the roads are horrible.Snow angels

^^This is what my roomie, Riley, did earlier. She’s insane. It happens…especially since she still has the flu just like I do.

The only bad thing is that I’m still on bedrest, because Amanda is a meanieface Naziperson. *sigh* In her defense, I do have the flu, a sinus and ear infection…and I seriously look like I’m drunk because I have even less balance than I usually do, which is seriously saying something.

Blanket fort

^^But this is the plan for tomorrow. BLANKET FORT FTW!!! I may be on bedrest, but I am going to have fun with it and exploit my limits as much as possible. Geeze, I really am a little kid sometimes!

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